Japan discovered the Chinese warships in the Pacific ocean

China for the first time conducted exercises in the Pacific with the participation of the aircraft carrier "Liaoning"..
  • 21 Apr, 18:32
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Kim Jong-un froze nuclear tests

North Korea froze missile and nuclear tests and announced the closure of the nuclear test site in the north of the country..
  • 21 Apr, 12:59
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Elizabeth II selected her successor for the post of head of the Commonwealth of Nations

The Queen of Great Britain Elizabeth II proposed the candidacy of her son, Prince Charles, as successor to the post of head of the Commonwealth of..
  • 20 Apr, 21:17
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Trump outraged by oil prices

US President Donald Trump criticized the actions of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) and called world prices for raw..
  • 20 Apr, 19:26
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Turkey withdrew its gold reserves from the US

The Central Bank of Turkey in 2017 brought the entire gold reserve of the country from the US due to the deterioration of relations with Washington..
  • 20 Apr, 18:29
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Muslim women were denied citizenship for refusing to touch a man

In France, a Muslim woman was refused naturalization for refusing to shake man's hand..
  • 20 Apr, 13:43
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King of Swaziland renamed his country

The last absolute monarch in Africa, the King of Swaziland Mswati III renamed his state to the Kingdom of eSvatini..
  • 20 Apr, 10:54
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US disappointed with the election of the new leader of Cuba

The United States is disappointed by the election of Miguel Diaz-Canel as the new chairman of the State Council of Cuba..
  • 20 Apr, 09:59
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Era of Castro ended in Cuba

In Cuba, almost 60 years of the Castro family rule ended..
  • 19 Apr, 23:11
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Hawaii may prohibit the use of sunscreens on beaches

American ecologists and congressmen are discussing a bill banning sunscreens on the beaches of the Hawaiian Islands because of their negative impact..
  • 19 Apr, 21:19
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Science and Technology

Scientists have developed a technology for detecting cancer at an early stage

Scientists from the University of Basel and the Swiss Higher Technical School of Zurich have created a biomedical tattoo that can diagnose some types..
  • 21 Apr, 21:18
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Google wanted to "kill" SMS

Google is working on the Chat messenger, which is designed to replace standard SMS on devices with Android..
  • 20 Apr, 22:14
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Scientists have found a means of rejuvenating the heart and blood vessels

Scientists of the University of Colorado in Boulder (USA) found that mitochondrial antioxidants promote rejuvenation of blood vessels for 15-20 years..
  • 20 Apr, 20:20
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US has completed the creation of directed energy weapons

Progress in the technology of directed energy weapons has reached a turning point, said Head of the Center for Advanced Technologies Lockheed Martin..
  • 20 Apr, 17:32
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Lockheed Martin will create the first US hypersonic cruise missile

The US Air Force entered into a contract with Lockheed Martin for $ 928 million, suggesting the creation of the first US hypersonic cruise missile..
  • 20 Apr, 15:38
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Symantec's experts found a vulnerability in Apple devices

Symantec's experts found a vulnerability in Apple devices that can be used to remotely manage a gadget..
  • 20 Apr, 14:41
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Heat-not-burn tobacco product is deadly to humans. Now officially

Scientists at the University of California tested the tobacco heating system manufactured by Philip Morris International to find out if it is safer..
  • 09 Apr, 10:54
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Japanese are killing themselves because of the work. They can not leave

The Japanese are not without reason considered to be a very hardworking nation: the inhabitants of the Land of the Rising Sun practically live in the..
  • 06 Apr, 17:29
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Nazis hunt the Jews and sing about the murders. For YouTube, this is beneficial

The YouTube administration knows that hundreds of thousands of extremely controversial videos appear daily in the video sharing space: radicals call..
  • 26 Mar, 10:59
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People are promised immortality. But for this you need to die

Dreams of freezing your own body and mind for a brighter future, where people could achieve immortality, is no longer in progress. Now, enthusiasts..
  • 19 Mar, 11:50
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Stephen Hawking died - the last great dreamer

British theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking died on Wednesday, March 14, at the age of 76. The scientist, who spent most of his life in a..
  • 14 Mar, 15:38
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Trump's greed will ruin the American economy

Donald Trump went to the elections with the slogan "America first" - foreign countries have already felt this on themselves, for example, in the..
  • 11 Mar, 10:59
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American money did not help. China will take Taiwan without a fight

Taiwan is a de facto separate state, de jure is one of the provinces of the People's Republic of China (PRC). The Taiwanese do not consider..
  • 06 Mar, 16:33
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