Erdogan forgot about the Armenian Genocide and accused the West of eternal aggression

Ankara will not leave unanswered appeals of residents of the border areas of Syria and will continue the military operation in this region..
  • 24 Mar, 22:08
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Trump thought the expulsion of Russian diplomats

US President Donald Trump can announce the expulsion of dozens of Russian diplomats on Monday, March 26..
  • 24 Mar, 20:45
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Serbs do not want membership in NATO according to polls

Most of the residents of Serbia - 84% - opposed the country's entry into NATO..
  • 24 Mar, 17:21
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Chinese TV was forbidden to joke and laugh

The Chinese authorities have banned humorous videos and parodies of works of art. The ban touched both television and bloggers..
  • 24 Mar, 14:02
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Trump advised himself not to run for president

President of the United States Donald Trump advised himself never to qualify for the post of head of state..
  • 23 Mar, 13:50
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US began a "steel war"

The United States imposed duties on the import of steel and aluminum, in a number of countries the final decision should be taken by May 1..
  • 23 Mar, 11:59
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Zuckerberg was threatened with loss of money

Advertisers have threatened to stop cooperation with Facebook, if the founder of the social network Mark Zuckerberg does not explain the situation..
  • 22 Mar, 18:29
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Sarkozy called his life "a hell"

Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy told the French prosecutors that the charges against him overshadow his life..
  • 22 Mar, 16:36
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China came up with its answer in the trade war with the US

China is preparing a response in the trade war with the United States, which on March 22 plan to announce new duties on Chinese goods in addition to..
  • 22 Mar, 15:38
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China decided to conquer the world by propagating its values

The Chinese authorities plan to intensify the propaganda aimed at other countries to strengthen the influence of the China in the international arena..
  • 22 Mar, 12:47
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Science and Technology

Great benefit of self-reflection was confirmed

An analysis of past failures can help improve performance when solving a new task. This conclusion was made by scientists from the American Rutgers..
  • 24 Mar, 23:42
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Most mysterious star of the Galaxy sharply reduced the luminosity

The luminosity of the star Tabbi (KIC-8462852) began to fall, the American astronomer Tabeta Boyajyan reported in a blog dedicated to the "most..
  • 23 Mar, 23:15
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Sophisticated ghost-virus has failed

Experts in the field of cyber security from the Minerva Labs company discovered the latest computer virus called GhostMiner..
  • 23 Mar, 21:08
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English scientists have identified the main ways to protect from cancer

Scientists of the Center for Cancer Research in the UK have called the main factors of cancer development, which can be easily avoided. According to..
  • 23 Mar, 19:41
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Scientists have proven the effectiveness of fasting in prolonging life

Scientists at the Pennington Biomedical University (USA) have shown that reducing calories by 15 percent within two years slows down aging. The..
  • 23 Mar, 17:02
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Researchers have discovered an overwhelming development of cancer agent

An international team of researchers discovered a new anti-cancer protein LHPP, which prevents uncontrolled proliferation of malignant cells in the..
  • 23 Mar, 14:47
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Stephen Hawking died - the last great dreamer

British theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking died on Wednesday, March 14, at the age of 76. The scientist, who spent most of his life in a..
  • 14 Mar, 15:38
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Trump's greed will ruin the American economy

Donald Trump went to the elections with the slogan "America first" - foreign countries have already felt this on themselves, for example, in the..
  • 11 Mar, 10:59
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American money did not help. China will take Taiwan without a fight

Taiwan is a de facto separate state, de jure is one of the provinces of the People's Republic of China (PRC). The Taiwanese do not consider..
  • 06 Mar, 16:33
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Millions of Americans get food by stamps. Trump will make it worse

The White House disclosed the draft budget for the next year. The document proposes to increase military spending, spending on building a wall on the..
  • 21 Feb, 07:15
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US is catching up with Russia in oil production

The International Energy Agency (IEA) predicted a strong growth in oil production in America. It is expected that this year it will reach 10.2..
  • 04 Feb, 22:26
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Scientists have learned to clone people. What that means?

A group of scientists from the Chinese Academy of Sciences cloned for the first time macaques (Macaca fascicularis) in the same way that led to the..
  • 26 Jan, 15:38
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Blockchain is completely useless. And that's why

The collapse of bitcoin in January became a cold shower for crypto-currency fans. The fall twice provoked a new round of talks about the financial..
  • 24 Jan, 14:40
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