Google brought down the cost of bitcoin

Bitcoin lost seven percent of the value for the day against the background of news about the forthcoming ban on advertising crypto currency in Google..
  • 18 Mar, 13:59
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Trump decided to ban the Venezuelan crypto currency

President of the United States Donald Trump intends to limit financial transactions with the Venezuelan crypto currency El Petro..
  • 17 Mar, 23:15
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Trump announced "a wonderful day for democracy"

US President Donald Trump commented on the dismissal of First Deputy Director of the FBI Andrew McCabe..
  • 17 Mar, 21:08
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Media received information about the role of the CIA in the Trump talks with North Korea

The contacts between Washington and the leadership of North Korea were not dealt with by diplomats, but by special services. Most often with..
  • 17 Mar, 16:02
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Bad Chinese will not be allowed on the plane

In China, citizens who have low indicators of the social credit system will face serious restrictions. In particular, people considered to be..
  • 17 Mar, 10:23
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French sold bad wine under the guise of expensive

In France, low-quality wine was mass-marketed under the guise of expensive. Information was released by the Office of Competition, Consumption and..
  • 16 Mar, 22:13
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Bitcoin approached the "Death Cross"

Technical analysis of market quotations bitcoin shows that the most popular crypto currency can collapse even more, up to 2.8 thousand dollars..
  • 16 Mar, 21:17
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New head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Germany did not find place for Islam in the country

The new German Minister of the Interior Horst Seehofer does not consider Islam a part of Germany..
  • 16 Mar, 19:26
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Scale of oil exports from the USA has become known

In 2017, the United States almost doubled its oil exports to 1.1 million barrels per day..
  • 16 Mar, 15:38
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Trump decided a new major resignation

President of the United States Donald Trump is ready to fire his national security adviser, Herbert McMaster. This sources in the White House told..
  • 16 Mar, 13:44
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Science and Technology

Artificial intelligence was predicted superiority over poets and humorists

Artificial intelligence (AI) in the next 10 years will learn to write works of art better than people, believes the head of the Department of Complex..
  • 18 Mar, 22:07
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NASA published a photo of a pink storm on Jupiter

NASA published a photo that captured a storm on the largest planet of the solar system - Jupiter..
  • 18 Mar, 20:34
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US adopted a new nuclear submarine

The US adopted a new nuclear submarine - SS Colorado class Virginia. This is stated in the message of the press service of the US Navy..
  • 18 Mar, 18:21
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US satellites proved vulnerable to Russia and China

The US Global Positioning System (GPS) is vulnerable to laser and missile weapons of Russia and China. Representatives of the US Air Force reported..
  • 17 Mar, 18:47
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Unmanned Uber will scare pedestrians with lights and sounds

The Uber taxi service filed with the US Patent and Trademark Office for registration of the way in which unmanned vehicles will communicate with..
  • 17 Mar, 13:59
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Rapid death of statues on Easter Island is predicted

The coast of Easter Island and the ancient statues located there will be flooded in the coming decades because of the rising ocean level caused by..
  • 16 Mar, 20:21
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Trump's greed will ruin the American economy

Donald Trump went to the elections with the slogan "America first" - foreign countries have already felt this on themselves, for example, in the..
  • 11 Mar, 10:59
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American money did not help. China will take Taiwan without a fight

Taiwan is a de facto separate state, de jure is one of the provinces of the People's Republic of China (PRC). The Taiwanese do not consider..
  • 06 Mar, 16:33
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Millions of Americans get food by stamps. Trump will make it worse

The White House disclosed the draft budget for the next year. The document proposes to increase military spending, spending on building a wall on the..
  • 21 Feb, 07:15
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US is catching up with Russia in oil production

The International Energy Agency (IEA) predicted a strong growth in oil production in America. It is expected that this year it will reach 10.2..
  • 04 Feb, 22:26
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Scientists have learned to clone people. What that means?

A group of scientists from the Chinese Academy of Sciences cloned for the first time macaques (Macaca fascicularis) in the same way that led to the..
  • 26 Jan, 15:38
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Blockchain is completely useless. And that's why

The collapse of bitcoin in January became a cold shower for crypto-currency fans. The fall twice provoked a new round of talks about the financial..
  • 24 Jan, 14:40
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Ronaldo quarreled with the "Real" and wants to be selled for 100 million

Cristiano Ronaldo is a person who is used to winning. He must be the first everywhere: in the team, in the championship, in the whole world. And in..
  • 16 Jan, 16:35
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