Police noticed the transformation of the Netherlands into narco-state

The Netherlands has recently become more and more like a narco-state, in which the police are not able to fight the growing black market..
  • 20 Feb, 21:23
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Main vulnerable place of the US Army became known

The United States Army will receive an increased budget for modernization in 2019. But the whole question is whether it will be able to respond to..
  • 20 Feb, 17:45
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Obesity policemen recognized as a threat to New York

Police officers in New York are the thickest in the US, thus undermining the security of both their colleagues and the entire city..
  • 20 Feb, 15:51
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Trump became the most unpopular president in the history of the United States

Donald Trump led the anti-rating of popularity among US presidents..
  • 20 Feb, 14:07
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Iran deceived the US and bought high technologies bypassing sanctions

Iranian airline Mahan Air, bypassing sanctions, repeatedly bought American jet engines and components for airliners through Turkish shell companies..
  • 19 Feb, 23:45
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Swedes are afraid of the disappearance of cash

The volume of cash in circulation in Sweden is rapidly declining, which worried government officials and some citizens..
  • 19 Feb, 23:08
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Saudi Arabia decided to become an atomic giant

Foreign Minister of Saudi Arabia Adel ibn Ahmed al-Jubeir during the Munich Security Conference said that the kingdom authorities are planning to..
  • 19 Feb, 22:14
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Catastrophic insecurity of the German army was ascertained

The German Federal Bundeswehr lacks bulletproof vests, winter uniforms and tents to fulfill its obligations to NATO in the framework of the creation..
  • 19 Feb, 19:26
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Bill Gates paid more taxes and did not want to stop

Rich people have to pay much more taxes to the US budget, Microsoft founder Bill Gates said in an interview with CNN..
  • 19 Feb, 17:35
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NATO Secretary General found nuclear doctrines in Russia

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg believes that Russia conducts nuclear exercises..
  • 19 Feb, 14:47
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Science and Technology

Astronomers have recorded the farthest supernova in history

The international group of astronomers has discovered the most distant powerful supernova that was emerged 10.5 billion years ago..
  • 20 Feb, 23:12
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German volcanologists explained the deadly influence of the cave-killer

Volcanologists from the University of Duisburg-Essen in Germany explained how a cave located in the ancient city of Hierapolis (Turkey) killed the..
  • 20 Feb, 22:19
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Danish archaeologists have found a disappeared civilization in America

Archaeologists from the University of Copenhagen in Denmark found that the indigenous population of the Caribbean islands - the people of the Taino -..
  • 20 Feb, 20:27
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US archaeologists have unraveled the secret technology of building pyramids

An American archaeologist and an expert on ancient Egyptian architecture, Glen Dash, concluded that the even location of the walls of the pyramids of..
  • 20 Feb, 18:40
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US scientists have found an easy way to improve memory

Scientists from the University of Brigham Young in the United States have established a connection between running and improving memory..
  • 20 Feb, 16:48
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British scientists have found an easy way to live long

British scientists have shown that regular moderate physical activity in the open air is associated with a lower risk of mortality in older men..
  • 20 Feb, 11:59
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US is catching up with Russia in oil production

The International Energy Agency (IEA) predicted a strong growth in oil production in America. It is expected that this year it will reach 10.2..
  • 04 Feb, 22:26
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Scientists have learned to clone people. What that means?

A group of scientists from the Chinese Academy of Sciences cloned for the first time macaques (Macaca fascicularis) in the same way that led to the..
  • 26 Jan, 15:38
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Blockchain is completely useless. And that's why

The collapse of bitcoin in January became a cold shower for crypto-currency fans. The fall twice provoked a new round of talks about the financial..
  • 24 Jan, 14:40
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Ronaldo quarreled with the "Real" and wants to be selled for 100 million

Cristiano Ronaldo is a person who is used to winning. He must be the first everywhere: in the team, in the championship, in the whole world. And in..
  • 16 Jan, 16:35
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China follows all citizens and subordinates them to the all-powerful AI

To know exactly what people think, what citizens read and talk about in kitchens is the cherished dream of every totalitarian ruler. The surveillance..
  • 03 Jan, 22:14
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Nuclear war, the end of oil and other scenarios of the death of the modern world

Bloomberg agency published a "pessimist guide" for 2018, presenting eight bleak options for the future for both the US and the world. The authors..
  • 19 Dec, 23:54
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US recognized bitcoin, but it did not become more reliable

The launch of trading bitcoin futures in the US last week was accompanied by hiccups and stops, but in the end the scheme worked. Thus, another..
  • 18 Dec, 23:54
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