About Us

  • 19 Sep, 11:10

TheEverydayNews.com - this is a small group of enthusiasts who created a news portal and does everything for its development. We believe that high-quality and interesting news, as well as analytical articles, should be available to any Internet user without paid subscriptions, completely free of charge. Since in the 21st century information has become the highest value, without which it is impossible to exist in the modern world.

Our small editorial staff, as far as possible, will try to tell you about the most interesting events in the world and enlighten the reader with the latest news from the scientific community.

We really believe that we are doing very important things and will try to do it as best as possible! Stay with us!

Our Staff:

Arthur Swan - chief editor, world news editor

Philipp Kensington - science and technology and social news editor

Catherine Stone - sports news editor

Manuel Garcia Lopez - technical support, website administrator

Our editorial office is located in the small town of Collado Villalba in the vicinity of Madrid, Spain

If you have any questions or business proposals, please write to our chief editor Arthur Swan, arthurswan@theeverydaynews.com. Thank you!