WADA decided to press ahead the Russian cases

The president of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) Craig Reedy called on international sports federations to investigate further the cases of Russian athletes about anti-doping rule violation. His words lead Insidethegames.

The head of WADA called the investigation complex and overloaded with data. "The two federations have officially closed the case. Four continue to review cases. Seven asked for more information about the research. Four requested information on the re-analysis of doping samples obtained by WADA. We must bring the matter to an end, otherwise the reputation of sport, international federations and anti-doping will be damaged," Reedy said.

On April 14, Linda Helleland, WADA Vice-President, considered the crisis situation with the Russian sport. She suggested conducting an "audit of the Russian doping crisis" and asked the international federations to increase the annual financial injections into the agency.
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