13-year-old boy found the treasures of the mysteriously disappeared king of the Vikings

Archaeological amateurs discovered the treasure of the Vikings on the island of Rügen (Germany) in the Baltic Sea, which belonged to King Harald I Gormsson. This is reported by the Science Alert.

The discovery was carried out by 13-year-old boy Luca Malaschnitschenko and his teacher René Schön, who are volunteers of the state center of archeology. With the help of metal detectors, they found a silver coin, which, as later established by professionals, belonged to the trading city of the Danish Vikings Hedeby, who was in the German district of Schleswig-Flensburg.

Officials asked enthusiasts not to reveal the place of the find until archaeological excavations are completed. For three months, an area of 400 square meters was studied. The researchers found necklaces, pearls, brooches, bracelets, rings and about 600 coins. The oldest coins are dated 714 year of our era, and the newest ones - the time of the reign of the Danish king Harald I Gormsson, who lived in 910-987 years of our era.

Scientists believe that the lost treasure was in the hands of the king at the time when he fled to Pomerania - the northeastern part of Germany near the Baltic Sea. According to one version of the historians, he was forced to leave his country because of the uprising of his son Sven I, who took the throne of Denmark in 985. Harald died about a year after his escape. The found treasure confirms the reliability of this information.

Under the rule of Harald I Denmark adopted Christianity, which was politically beneficial and contributed to the improvement of relations with the Holy Roman Empire. In addition, the king was able to unite the scattered Danish tribes into a single kingdom. In honor of his diplomatic success, Bluetooth technology was named. The nickname Harald received for his dark front tooth.
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