US was going to strike a new blow in the trade war with China

The US authorities are considering the possibility of increasing pressure on China in the trade war and imposing restrictions on Chinese providers. The measures are intended as a response to Beijing's actions against American technology companies. This is written by The Wall Street Journal with reference to sources.

As the newspaper explains, Beijing demands from American companies (for example, Amazon and Microsoft) that provide cloud computing services and want to work in the Chinese market, to create joint ventures with companies from China and to share licenses of technologies with them. Thus, China renounces the licenses that allow American companies to work independently in the territory of the People's Republic of China, the US Trade Representative noted.

According to sources, the apparatus has not yet decided whether measures will be taken against Beijing. The very threat should become a signal to China that new restrictions are possible. If Washington finally decides to toughen measures against the China, they can touch Chinese companies that provide cloud computing services in the US.

Relations between the US and China intensified in 2018 after Washington introduced a number of measures against Beijing. In early April, the US side promulgated a list of Chinese goods worth $ 50 billion, against which 25 percent duties will be imposed. However, a few days later, Washington said that tariffs could affect more Chinese products - worth $ 100 billion. China, for its part, presented its own list of American goods, for which additional duties will be introduced, and also threatened to expand it.
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