Trump collected tens of millions of dollars for a second term

American leader Donald Trump collected more than $ 28 million for the presidential campaign of 2020. Reuters was informed by his representatives from the fund-raising committee in the fund called "Let's make America great again".

The statement said that for the first quarter of this year, the fund received donations totaling $ 10 million. In addition, last year on the accounts of the committee there were 22 million dollars, while expenses amounted to 3.9 million dollars.

In particular, 650 thousand dollars was spent on making baseball caps of red color with the inscription Make America Great Again, as well as other souvenirs with symbols and electoral slogans.

Another 2.2 million dollars were spent on sending millions of letters to voters asking for donations to the Trump fund.

As Reuters notes, Trump submitted documents for re-election to the Federal Electoral Commission on the day of his inauguration on January 20, 2017. According to analysts, none of the US president did so before him. Usually American leaders begin their election campaign two years after coming to power.
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