Scientists have created a new exotic state of matter

An international group of scientists from Germany and Austria has created the largest quantum register at the moment (a set of entangled quantum bits or qubits). It consists of 20 qubit-particles, which can be in quantum states 0 and 1, and also in superposition of these states. This is reported in a press release on the site

Researchers realized an exotic quantum state - multiparticle entanglement, when the quantum states of three or more particles are interconnected. In this case, the entanglement of the whole system of particles can not be regarded as a combination of entangled subsystems consisting of two particles.

Scientists used lasers to link the quantum states of 20 calcium atoms that were trapped in an electromagnetic trap. At that, the atoms first formed entangled pairs, but then the subsystems increased, capturing more and more particles. Although physicists know quantum systems with a large number of entangled particles, in this case, the researchers were able to read each qubit separately. Later they plan to create a quantum register consisting of 50 quantum bits.
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