Facebook has spent millions of dollars to protect Zuckerberg

In 2017, Facebook spent about nine million dollars to ensure the safety of the founder of the social network and its CEO Mark Zuckerberg. This is reported by CNN.

This amount includes the cost of ensuring the operation of a private aircraft - fuel, crew expenses, meals. In addition, Facebook also pays for personal security and security systems in the residence of the founder of the network. Compared to 2016 (5.8 million dollars), the cost of protection and private aircraft were increased by 50 percent.

The company noted that such measures are related to "threats to personal safety arising from his official duties as a founder, chairman of the board of directors and chief executive officer". "We demand such security measures for the welfare of the company because of the importance of Mr. Zuckerberg for Facebook," the statement said.

CNN notes that companies often cover these types of expenses for high-level executives. In particular, in 2017, Apple spent about 317 thousand dollars to ensure the safety and travel of its leader Tim Cook.

On April 10, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg spoke in the Senate and the US Congress on the case of a large-scale leak of personal data of social network users. Facebook acknowledged that Cambridge Analytica, specializing in political consulting, has access to personal data of 87 million people. This was done through the application thisisyourdigitallife, which promised to compile a psychological portrait of the user who downloaded it. Suffered as users who installed the program on smartphones, and their friends.

Over the past year, Facebook was involved in another scandal. According to the US authorities and the social network itself, before the election of the US president, a disinformation campaign using fake profiles was deployed there. Its organizer is called the Russian Internet Research Agency.
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