UK will hit the assets of Russian oligarchs

The British authorities are preparing measures against the closest circle of Russian President Vladimir Putin. The source in the British government told it to the newspaper The Sunday Times.

According to him, London will soon take financial measures against Russian oligarchs with secret assets in the United Kingdom.

In addition, it is reported that the British intelligence service learned about the upcoming provocation of Russian hackers, directed against high-ranking officials of the country. Hackers allegedly prepared compromising material on the political elite of the kingdom and intend to publish it. The alleged attack is being prepared as a response to Britain's participation in strikes against Syria, along with the United States and France, the newspaper notes.

Reports on the possibility of publishing compromising materials on members of the British government by Russian hackers, Prime Minister Teresa May received repeatedly from the time of poisoning in England, former colonel GRU Sergei Skripal.

Also London are preparing for cyberattacks to key infrastructure facilities of the state. It is noted that the British intelligence services, with the participation of the Center for Governmental Communications and the Ministry of Defense, are developing retaliatory measures and will be ready to attack Russian computer networks.

On April 14, US, British and French military forces fired more than 100 cruise missiles and air-to-surface missiles throughout Syria. Both military and civilian objects were attacked.
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