US launched Atlas V with military satellites

The US company United Launch Alliance (ULA) launched from the cosmodrome at Cape Canaveral a heavy Atlas V launch vehicle with two military satellites. This is reported by Reuters.

The CBAS is designed to enhance the capabilities of the existing grouping of US military communications satellites. EAGLE is an experimental platform designed to demonstrate the maneuverability of a spacecraft capable of delivering up to six different cargoes to a geostationary orbit. The device will be able to find anomalous phenomena in space and make a characterization of potential collisions with small space bodies.

In January, the ULA postponed the launch of a heavy Atlas V launch vehicle with a GEO-4 military satellite. This decision was made because of a problem with the liquid oxygen supply system.

ULA is a joint venture of American corporations Boeing and Lockheed Martin.

Atlas V - a one-time space rocket from the Atlas family, created in the 1960s on the basis of the first intercontinental ballistic missile US SM-65 Atlas. Its mission is to launch space vehicles, including military ones.
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