NASA published a photo of a pink storm on Jupiter

NASA published a photo that captured a storm on the largest planet of the solar system - Jupiter. The photo is placed on the agency's Twitter account.

The photograph was taken by the Juno spacecraft, which was sent to the gas giant in 2011. The image shows an atmospheric cyclone, forming into fanciful patterns.

Previously, Juno send to the Earth data on the processes that occur in the bowels of Jupiter at a depth of three thousand kilometers. In particular, strong vortices fixed in its atmosphere appear to penetrate the interior of the planet and cause changes in the gravitational field. The researchers found that it is asymmetric in the direction from north to south. In this case, the gas core of Jupiter rotates, according to the information on gravity, as a solid body.

Juno entered the orbit of Jupiter in 2016 year. The device will work until the middle of 2018, then it will be brought down to the atmosphere of the planet, where it will burn.
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