Bad Chinese will not be allowed on the plane

In China, citizens who have low indicators of the social credit system will face serious restrictions. In particular, people considered to be unreliable will not be selling tickets for a train or plane. This is reported by the Reuters agency.

The authorities of the country decided to assign a rating to each citizen of the China, the so-called social credit system will work in the country.

The state will assess the education, income level and career achievements of people. The position in the ranking will be influenced by the behavior of users on the Internet. Citizens with a minimum rating are waiting for trouble. Among other things, they may have difficulty finding work.

The initiative of the Chinese authorities was compared with George Orwell's anti-utopia "1984". At the same time for each action the system either adds or removes points. So, for example, the history of purchases in the online store can seriously affect the reputation.
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