Apple stopped production of iPhone

Apple suspended production of the iPhone 8 Plus at the plant in Kunshan (China) for two weeks. The reason for this is that the Wistron provider of device assembly probably used uncertified components. This is reported by MacRumors with reference to the Taiwanese newspaper Commercial Times.

As the newspaper writes, Wistron has fined several high-ranking executives in an attempt to restore Apple's confidence. At the same time, the supplier denies that the production of smartphones was stopped until the circumstances became clear. However, against the backdrop of rumors Wistron shares fell in price by five percent.

At the same time, it is not yet clear whether smartphones with fake waterproofing components will delivered to the stores and how many of them.

Wistron produces only about 20 percent of the iPhone 8 Plus, another 80 percent fall to the share of the competing supplier Foxconn. At the same time, the company invested $ 157 million in the construction of a new plant in Bangalore (India), where it is planned to produce the iPhone SE and, possibly, the iPhone 6s. At the moment, Wistron among the suppliers of Apple takes the leading position in the Indian market.
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