Criticizing politicians banned in Indonesia

Indonesian citizens were banned from criticizing officials, The Straits Times reported on Thursday, March 15.

The law passed by the government allows putting pressure on all those who "show disrespect to the parliament or its members". Violators face imprisonment. The document does not specify which prison term they can receive.

"How will the law reveal disrespect? Nobody explains this, and this can be interpreted as anything, if it is necessary to silence those who are critical of the government," said Sebastian Salang, one of the members of the Indonesian parliament's monitoring department.

Indonesian President Joko Widodo earlier refused to sign the document. However, this did not affect its adoption, since the head of state does not have the right of veto.

Now the Constitutional Court will only be able to abolish the law. His representative said that several applications had already been received to withdraw the parliament's decision, but their consideration could take several months. According to the document, the prison can also threaten those who on March 15 advocated its abolition in front of the court building.

Indonesia is the third largest democracy in the world after India and the United States, the newspaper notes. The law on the inadmissibility of negative reviews of politicians was adopted by the country's parliament in February, but officially entered into force only now.
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