American listened to his mother and broke the $ 100,000 jackpot

The American won the lottery prize of 100 thousand dollars, after listening to the advice of his mother, writes UPI.

Brandon Pree, who lives in Washington, visited his mother Tina in Virginia. She advised him to buy a lottery ticket, and use the birth dates of relatives as the numbers.

The mother's advice was prophetic: using numbers 11-22-25-26-28, he broke the jackpot in 100 thousand dollars. "The first thing I did after I found out, I called my mother. She screamed with joy," said Pree.

According to Tina, she has several ideas about how Brandon should better manage the money he won. "I hope he will share with me, because I told him to buy a ticket," she added.

According to the lottery, the chance to win the maximum prize of 100 thousand dollars is 1 to 278 256.

In late February, it was reported about an American who won five million dollars because of his love of coffee. The man wanted a hot drink, and when he didn't find it in one store, went to another, where he bought a winning ticket.
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