Scientists have found a connection between smartphones and the destruction of the psyche

Scientists have found out that a smartphone can cause problems with the psyche of its owner. This writes Business Insider.

The portal claims that constant calls and alerts push the stress hormones to action, constantly provoking a defensive reaction "hit or run." This led to the fact that 89 percent of American students complain about "phantom" vibra alert - when the brain reacts to the phone, even if it is disabled. Another 86 percent of Americans say they constantly check e-mail and social networks.

Endocrinologist Robert Lustig told the portal that telephone notifications "train" the brain to be in an almost constant state of stress and fear. This leads to the fact that the prefrontal cerebral cortex, which is responsible for higher-order cognitive functions (self-reflection, will, abstract thinking, self-perception and metastasis), ceases to function in full. "You end up with stupid things that can lead to trouble," says Lustig.

According to scientists, 97.5 percent of people are not capable of real multitasking. If a person is engaged in something, he has to interrupt to answer a phone call, and in case of confusion, the level of the stress hormone cortisol increases, to neutralize which the brain requires a hormone of joy dopamine. In other words, accumulated stress when trying to do many things immediately leads to painful conditions.
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