Richest man in the world promised to make travel to space accessible

American billionaire Jeff Bezos intends to spend billions of dollars on space exploration, reports Bloomberg. He called his Amazon-earned fortune "a win in the lottery" and promised to make the journey to space accessible to humanity.

A relevant statement Bezos made in New York at the awarding ceremony Buzz Aldrin (one of the astronauts who visited the moon).

Earlier, he reported that he was funding a company to develop space rockets Blue Origin, investing in it about a billion dollars. Comments during the event show that this can only be the beginning, the agency notes.

Bezos did not say what part of his money he was willing to sacrifice to space, but according to his acquaintance, billionaire Fredrik Poulsen, it could be "all the money except those that he will leave for the maintenance of his mother."

The overall fortune of Jeff Bezos is 131 billion dollars, of which 125 billion are worth the shares of Amazon. His fortune especially increased over the past year against the backdrop of rising stock prices in both the US general and Amazon in particular.
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