Conspiracy theorists found Google's attempt to uncover the secret of Antarctica

Conspiracy experts from the Conspiracy Depot YouTube channel believe that Google provides users with signs calling for a closer look at Antarctica. The British "The Independent" drew attention to the video "exposure".

The authors of the channel noted that if you find Antarctica with Google Earth and take an interest in the weather in this region (the function is not available to everyone), a huge red cross hangs over the continent.

As the newspaper notes, what happened can be explained by a malfunction in Google Earth. However, this unusual detail has already given birth to the theory that someone in Google "is trying to tell us something."

In the comments under the video, users suggested that the service points to the place of aliens landing or to the entrance to the Earth's cavity (the supporters of the hollow Earth hypothesis believe that inside it exists a world inhabited by some forms of life - note "").

Someone noted that the red cross resembles tips from video games, giving information about the further development of the game. "Something strange is happening all over the world, and this only adds questions ..." - experienced Mike Rossi.

Many viewers ironically reacted to the questionable theory. "This is Elvis's secret refuge," jokes maskdanger, hinting at another theory that says that King of Rock and Roll Elvis Presley mimicked his death when he was tired of fame.
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