Trump was going to conclude "the greatest deal for the world"

President of the United States Donald Trump expects success in negotiations with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. He told about this at a political rally in Pennsylvania, reports U.S.News.

"Everything can end in nothing, or we can sit down and conclude the greatest deal for the whole world," the American leader said, explaining that the agreement would discharge general nuclear tension.

Trump and Kim Jong-un are due to meet in late May. The parties will discuss Pyongyang's refusal of nuclear tests.

Earlier it was reported that Kim Jong-un accepts such a refusal, and also hopes to meet with the American leader "as soon as possible." To this Trump replied that he was ready to hold such a meeting until May.

Over the past 25 years, American representatives have visited Pyongyang six times. However, so far, no US president has ever paid an official visit to the capital of the North Corea.
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