Trump decided on the slogan for a new election

President of the United States Donald Trump decided on the slogan for his election campaign in 2020. This is reported by CNN.

The American leader introduced it to his supporters at a speech in Pittsburgh. "Keep America Great. The exclamation mark," Trump said, and explained that his last slogan "Make America Great Again" was already outdated.

The current US president also spoke about possible participants in the next election. He criticized the senator from Vermont Bernie Sanders and the senator from Massachusetts Elizabeth Warren, who was once again called Pocahontas. According to Trump, journalists will be terribly bored to follow their campaigns.

Trump stressed that the most interesting opponent for him could be TV presenter Oprah Winfrey. "I would like Oprah to win, I would like to defeat her. I know its weak point," he said.

Donald Trump first voiced the slogan "Keep America Great" as early as January 19, 2017, the day before his inauguration. Right during the interview with The Washington Post, he asked his lawyer to register a new slogan in the patent office.
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