The Pentagon left Trump without tanks

The Pentagon has not given permission for the use of tanks in the military parade in Washington. This is reported by the Assosiated Press.

In the explanatory note of the military department it is noted that only "wheeled vehicles" can pass through the streets of the American capital, tanks will cause too much damage to the infrastructure. In this case, the Pentagon agreed to use US Air Force aircraft in the final part of the parade.

The parade will be appointed for the Veterans' Day on 11 November. It is planned that military machines will pass from the White House to the Capitol.

The documents do not indicate the costs of the event. However, according to the Assosiated Press, earlier in the White House it was estimated that the parade would require 10 to 30 million dollars of taxpayers' funds.

President of the United States Donald Trump in late January instructed the Pentagon to prepare a military parade in Washington, similar to the one that is held every year on the Champs Elysees on July 14 in honor of the National Day of the French Republic. It was reported that the American parade may coincide with the Independence Day on July 4.
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