Elon Musk revealed a threat to his business and complained to Trump

The owner of the electric car manufacturer Tesla Elon Musk asked President of the United States Donald Trump to introduce protective duties on Chinese cars. This is reported by The Verge.

"I am generally against import duties, but the current rules make it extremely difficult for us. It's like taking part in the Olympic race in lead sneakers. For example, for an American car in China, a duty is charged 25 percent, and for the Chinese in the US only 2.5 percent, 10 times less," Musk explained.

"We raised this issue in a dialogue with the former administration of Barack Obama, but this did not lead to anything. I just want a fair outcome, in the ideal case - equally moderate import duties and rules," the businessman concluded.

Donald Trump signed on March 8 orders for the introduction of customs duties on the import of steel and aluminum products. The amount of duties will be 25 percent for steel and 10 percent for aluminum for the countries supplying these products to the US.

On March 3, Trump promised to impose new taxes on European-made cars, if the European Union continues to increase duties for American companies operating in the Old World. On March 7, Bloomberg reported that the White House was considering the introduction of duties for Chinese goods and restrictions on Chinese investment in the United States.
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