Trump was allowed to block subscribers in social networks

The US government issued a statement that the blocking of users in the personal account of the US president is legal and does not contradict the constitution. This is reported by the Bloomberg agency.

Court hearings on the case of limiting the access of some subscribers to Twitter account Trump were held on March 8. According to lawyers representing the government, the president's microblogging can be a platform for his official statements, but blocking users is his own business.

The trial began because of the lawsuit of the Institute for the First Amendment of Knight, Columbia University, USA. The organization sued the president and some employees of his administration on behalf of seven users blocked in Trump's official Twitter account who felt that restricting access and not being able to comment on the president's statements on a par with other subscribers violates the right to freedom of speech.

During the meeting, Assistant Attorney General Michael H. Baer called on district judge Naomi Reise Buchwald to drop the claim. In his opinion, any official has the right to choose an interlocutor on the Internet. At the end of the hearing, Buchwald urged the parties to resolve the conflict out of court, and also advised the president to "mute" users instead of blocking them.
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