Auto racer acknowledged the weakness of women in the "Formula-1" and was criticized

The Spanish car racer and the pilot for the development of the Renault team Carmen Jorda shared her opinion about the driving of the Formula 1 cars, after which she was criticized by the male pilot of Formula 1, Jenson Button. This is reported by CNN.

Having been driving an electric car for Formula-E, Jorda noted that the car is really more suitable for female pilots than the cars of Formula-1.

"The driving of this car requires less effort than in the Formula-1 because of the clamping force and power steering. Therefore, yes - it's easier. The problem of women in the "Formula 1" and "Formula 2" - a drawback in physics, this will not happen here," said the 29-year-old racing driver.

The Button criticized the statement of Jorda. The 38-year-old sportsman noted that among the women there are physically strong auto racing drivers, and cited the example of the NASCAR pilot Danicu Patrick.

"Oh Carmen, you’re not helping proper female racing drivers with this comment. Ask @DanicaPatrick about being
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