United States announced the evidence of secret communication between Trump and the Kremlin

US Attorney Robert Mueller, who is investigating Russia's alleged interference in the US election, was able to gather evidence of attempts by Donald Trump's team to establish a channel of communication with the Kremlin. This is on Thursday, March 8, reports The Washington Post, citing sources.

This is a secret meeting of the founder of the American private military company Blackwater Eric Prince and the head of the Russian Direct Investment Fund Kirill Dmitriev, who was in the Seychelles a week before the inauguration of Trump. According to Mueller, the meeting was one of the first attempts to establish a communication channel between the administration coming to power in Washington and Moscow, the newspaper said.

In turn, Prince, testifying in Congress in the fall of 2017, insisted that the meeting was an accident. According to The Washington Post, he stressed that he was in Seychelles as a private entrepreneur, not a representative of Trump and his team.

The information was denied by Prince George Nader's business partner, who claims that the meeting was organized with his help and he himself took part in it. The businessman said that it was organized for discussion by the representative of the Trump team and the representative of Moscow of the future relations of the parties. According to the sources of the newspaper, these statements are basic, but not the only evidence "of what was happening in the Seychelles."

Mueller's office published a list of Russians on February 16 who, in the opinion of the American investigation, are implicated in interference in the elections in the United States. The list includes 13 people and organizations, including businessman Yevgeny Prigogine and the Internet Research Agency in St. Petersburg.
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