Washington refused to "fight" with Europe and promised it negotiations

The forthcoming statement of US President Donald Trump, who may soon announce the introduction of duties on steel and aluminum, should not lead to excessive reaction. In any case, detailed talks are expected, said Assistant Secretary of State for Economy and Business Manisha Singh, Reuters reported.

"Perhaps by the end of this week an announcement will be made, perhaps already today. And even after this announcement, the best thing we can do is not react excessively and negotiate," Singh said at the Brussels forum.

According to the Assistant Secretary of State, in itself, the conduct of duties is "not a signal to start a trade war."
The US President announced the introduction of duties on imports to the United States steel (at a rate of 25 percent) and aluminum (10 percent) on March 1. On March 7, European Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmström said that the EU can set its limits on American goods within two months.

Brown-Forman Corp., Jack Daniel's whiskey producer, has already criticized Trump's initiative. The company is afraid of losing a significant part of the European market.
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