Spanish players were promised a ham instead of bonus

The president of the Spanish club Rapido de Buza, Manuel Seoane, promised the players a jamon as a prize for a goal in a match with the leader of the third division of the Spanish championship Fuenlabrada. This is reported by the Record.

"If we just go on a visit, and I hope that it will happen, each of the 30 members of the team will get the leg of a great jamon. And this is a whole fortune," the functionary announced. According to the estimates of the newspaper, in monetary terms, the bonus will amount to 3.2 thousand euros per team.

After 28 rounds of the championship, "Fuenlabrada" leads the standings with 53 points. "Rapido de Buza" in third place with 50 points. A victory on the road can allow the Galicians to remove the leader from the first line. The match between the two teams will be held on March 11.
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