Scientists have found a new danger of life in large cities

Residents of megacities are more likely to suffer from skin diseases. This conclusion was drawn by scientists from several scientific laboratories in South Korea. The results of their research are published by the Science Advances journal.

The fact that residents of large cities suffer from skin diseases more often than residents of villages has been known before. As scientists assumed, the cause could be air pollution. At the same time, the mechanism that causes skin diseases, for example, dermatitis, was not fully understood.

Researchers decided to analyze the life of microorganisms living in human skin. To do this, they took swabs from 231 women from five Chinese cities. Three cities are considered large, the other two are megacities.

It was found that microorganisms in the skin of women living in megacities are less diverse than those who live simply in large cities. The microorganisms themselves also had less inhabitants of megacities.

Thus, scientists came to the conclusion that a large variety of microorganisms and their high number in human skin protect the skin from various diseases.
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