Secrets of the effectiveness of Elon Musk are revealed

Forbes magazine decided in a simple and accessible way to talk about the secrets of the success of the beginnings of the billionaire Elon Musk. In total, readers are offered 10 rules of conduct, each of which is clearly illustrated by the artist.

The first rule says that one should always engage in self-education. Time is not worth spending on reading entertaining literature or social networks. Musk in his teens read the encyclopedia.

When organizing a business, do not spend a lot of money on advertising. It is better to spend them on improving the quality of the goods, and people from mouth to mouth will pass on the information.

It is better to start business at a young age, as the risks and disappointments are borne easier than in the mature years.
It is necessary to forget such a thing as fatigue, there is only a lack of motivation. It is better to work longer than not to use the inherent potential. Musk sometimes works for 100 hours a week.

Instead of complaints about problems and circumstances, it is necessary to look for innovations to solve them.

To colleagues, clients and everyone who helps to achieve success, it is necessary to treat as to own family. "If you take care of people, they will take care of your business," says Musk.

The main thing, as the founder of SpaceX believes, is to follow your dreams. On the embodiment of innovative ideas, we must give up all our strength. In this case, it is better to prepare in advance that failure is also possible and prepare for it.

The best businessmen try not to compete with others, but to create something fundamentally new.
Do not be afraid of constructive criticism. Often it is the source of more correct decisions.

And the main thing, says Musk, is to do all things for the best. Do not try to change the world first to do something good. It's better to just do something useful, even if it's not massive.

In late February, the rules of Elon Musk's life became known. The entrepreneur works a lot and does not spend any action for more than five minutes.
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