American woman half a year was afraid of a winning lottery ticket

American woman cashed her winnings in three million dollars a day before the expiration of the lottery ticket. This was reported by UPI news portal.

Ina H. Fernandez of Virginia bought the ticket back in September, but completely forgot about it and wore it in her purse. The woman admitted that she had checked it in late autumn, but when she found out that it was winning, decided not to do anything and not even talk about it to her husband.

In addition, woman paid one dollar for the opening of an additional ball "Megaplier", which increases the winnings in two, three or four times. She dropped out number three, which increased her winnings from one to three million dollars.

As a result, Fernandez decided to get the win only on March 1, on the eve of the expiration of the prescription deadline. The woman confessed that she needed time to "think things over and take care of finances," but she did not specify how.

In early February, it was reported about an American woman, refused to win $ 560 million. The woman explained her decision by wanting to lead a quiet life and fear of criminals and scammers.
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