Internet users saw traces of the wreck of an unidentified starship on Google maps

Members of the Internet community, calling themselves "hunters for aliens", drew attention to a strange object, found with the help of Google Earth in the Antarctic. It is reported by The Sun.

Users of the service saw in the photos of the island of South Georgia snow trails of a huge unidentified object. According to the supporters of the theory of extraterrestrial civilizations, such a massive trail could leave only an alien ship.

Other users say that there is nothing supernatural in the detected object. "The research station asked us to take photos of the whole island from the air in order to document the population and habitats of deer. As a photographer, I can confirm 100 percent that the object in the picture is only the result of a glacier coming down. Sorry," - said the user under the nickname Rain606, who came to the island together with the Royal Navy of Great Britain.

South Georgia, which is home to 20 people, is located in the South Atlantic. The territory of the island belongs to Great Britain.
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