Briton felt a tingle from an electric shock of 11 thousand volts

A resident of Great Britain received an electric shock of 11 thousand volts, trying to eliminate the consequences of the Atlantic storm "Emma", while not feeling anything. Description of the incident is published on the website of the Electricity North West energy company.

The incident occurred in the city of Mottram, near Manchester. The man found on the power line a large branch, torn from the tree, and tried to take it off. Feeling tingling, he refused this idea, and called the power engineers.

Specialist of the company for emergency situations Chris Fox immediately cut off the electricity supply on the line, which was energized at 11 thousand volts, and also recommended that the caller stay away from this place.

Fox called this man the most fortunate man on Earth, because he escaped a certain death. Specialist pointed out that a whole set of factors helped to survive the man: his gloves, boots and the fact that the branch was completely dry. "Anyway, we can not believe that he managed to remain unharmed," the expert added.
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