Trump is fatigued

President of the United States Donald Trump temporarily took a diet. This is with reference to three people aware of the state of the American leader, reports Bloomberg.

According to the agency, in January, the chief doctor of the White House, Ronnie Jackson, revealed signs of beginning obesity in Trump: when he was growing at 190 centimeters, his weight was 108.4 kilograms. The president was advised to eat less fat and carbohydrates, as well as engage in sports more often. Similar recommendations are planned to be given to all employees of the US administration.

Soon the head of state included soups, salads and fish in his regular diet; For several weeks, no one has seen him eating burgers. 71-year-old Trump says that he is in a flourishing state, however, as Bloomberg notes, he allows himself relief: for example, this week the president ate bacon for breakfast.

The agency recalls that during the campaign, the traditional lunch of Trump, known for his love for burgers and steaks, consisted of two Big Macs, two fish sandwiches and a milkshake with a chocolate flavor. Thus, the energy value of his daily meal without taking into account the sweet drink was at least 1,660 kilocalories, while it is recommended for elderly men to adhere to a daily rate of about 2-2,2 thousand kilocalories.
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