Lover of coffee accidentally broke the jackpot of five million dollars

US resident Raymond Shove accidentally broke the jackpot because of the lack of coffee in the store. This was reported by UPI news portal.

Shove, born in Canada, but living in New York, explained that he decided to drink a cup of coffee after work. However, in the first store, where he drove, the drink ended. Nevertheless, the man was determined to buy coffee, so he drove into another one, where he bought himself a cup of drink and a lottery ticket that turned out to be a winning one.

"I took coffee and a ticket and went down to my cellar, where I usually erase a layer of lottery tickets. I have been playing the lottery for a long time, and I was very surprised that I hit the jackpot. To admit, I was looking for a dirty trick," Shove said. After realizing that he won five million dollars, the man hid the ticket under the newspapers and went to sleep without telling even his wife about what had happened.

The man decided to take the entire winnings: after all taxes he made 3.309,000 dollars. He plans to invest this money somewhere to take care of the future of his family.
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