Experts found a new dangerous virus-extortionist

The first evidence of the new mass service-extortioner Data Keeper was registered in the network. This was reported by the Bleeping Computer portal.

The first victims of the cryptographic virus appeared two days after its official release in darknet. Malicious software encrypts files on victims' computers and requires ransom in crypto currency.

Data Keeper is a contagious service, access to its code is issued on demand, it's a kind of RaaS (Ransomware-as-a-Service). Having registered on a special portal, anyone can join cyber criminals, it is enough just to share the obtained booty with the developers.

According to MalwareHunter experts, the files are encrypted using the dual algorithm AES and RSA-4096. Data Keeper also computes and tries to encrypt all shared networks that can be accessed. At the same time, the developed virus does not add a special extension to the encrypted documents, which makes it impossible for the victims to understand which files are affected.

This is the third "strain" of RaaS, offered by cybercriminals since the beginning of the year. It was preceded by species called Saturn and GandCrab. Unlike the "colleagues", Data Keeper does not have a fixed advance of 30 percent of the proceeds of the scammers who signed up for the service. The amount for using the service was not disclosed.
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