Four people died when they tried to find treasures hidden by a millionaire

Collector from the US, 87-year-old Forrest Fenn told in his memoirs "The Thrill of the Chase" that he hid in the Rocky Mountains near the city of Santa Fe a treasure chest worth two million dollars. According to him, already 65 thousand people tried to find a treasure, and four even died, writes The Washington Post.

According to Fenn, in the treasure chest - old coins, gold nuggets, a ring of the XVII century, diamonds, sapphires, rubies, emeralds, Chinese jade figures, Indian bracelets of the Columbus era. After the war in Vietnam Fenn was carried away by archeology and opened a gallery in Santa Fe. In his book "The Thrill of the Chase," the millionaire encoded nine clues in verse, having guessed which one can find out where the treasure is. Treasure seekers believe that the treasure is hidden somewhere in Montana, Wyoming, Colorado or New Mexico.

On February 20, the Kurl8 channel reported the death of one of the treasure hunters. 53-year-old resident of the city of Illinois, Jeff Murphy, fell from a 152-meter rock and crashed. According to the police, this is the fourth case of death due to the search for treasure. According to Fenn, the treasure is in a safe place, and even an 80-year-old man can reach it.
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