Steve Jobs's CV with grammatical errors will be sold at auction

The application for employment, filled by Steve Jobs in 1973, will be auctioned in Boston in March. The starting price of the document - 50 thousand dollars, writes The Guardian.

The co-founder of Apple completed the document in 18 years. The summary does not indicate which position Jobs is claiming. He wrote that he has a driver's license, but there is no phone. The text contains several grammatical and punctuation mistakes. For example, he wrote his name with a small letter.

The auction will be held from 8 to 15 March. There will be also auctioned two other positions - a technical guide to Mac OS X and a newspaper publication with a photo of Jobs and the title "A new fast iPhone will be sold for $ 199", signed by the co-founder of Apple.

The entrepreneur, inventor and industrial designer Steve Jobs entered the private university of Reed College in 1972. Six months later he dropped out of school, but a year later attended creative classes. In February 1974, he got a job as a technician in a young Atari company in California.
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