US has decided on the terms of the conquest of the moon

The administration of US President Donald Trump published a draft budget for the 2019 financial year, in which the return of astronauts to the moon is called one of the "space priorities" of the state. This is written by The Verge.

According to the document, America plans to again land a man on the moon "in the mid-2020s." More precise dates are not specified. At the same time, the country allocates more and more funds for the development of new equipment, which will be necessary for landing on the Earth's satellite.

The New York Times notes that in 2019, NASA's funding will increase by $ 370 million to $ 19.9 billion. In the following years, it will decrease to 19.6 billion and remain unchanged until 2023. The newspaper is confident that with such funding, the astronauts' flight to the moon "will not happen until Trump leaves the White House, even if he wins the next election".

In December 2017, Trump signed a directive on the policy in the field of space, which provides for the person to be sent to the Moon and Mars. Trump said: "This is the first step in the return of American astronauts to the Moon for the first time since 1972. This time we will not only put our flag and leave our tracks - we will create the basis for a possible mission to Mars and, perhaps, someday - to many other worlds."
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