US plans to contain Russia were disclosed

The administration of American President Donald Trump intends to send more than $ 6.3 billion to the program of deterring Russia in Europe. This is stated in the draft federal budget for the year 2019, promulgated by the White House.

The so-called European deterrence initiative involves the restoration of a "credible" US military presence in the region, as well as the strengthening of the military potential of the country's partners. This is necessary for "confronting Russian coercion and aggression in the region," the document says.

It is noted that the project allows to build a reliable schedule of joint consultations and exercises with NATO allies and partners, "especially in Eastern Europe". Also, the United States intends to retain one battalion of ground forces in Poland, increase its stock in European warehouses, modernize the equipping of troops in the region, and increase the Air Force's ability to rapidly expand the scale of operations under combat conditions. Separately, it is stipulated that 250 million will be sent to Ukraine "for the protection of territorial sovereignty."

In general, the draft budget of the Pentagon provides for an increase in funding by 13 percent compared to 2017: for the ministry, $ 686 billion is requested. The document is submitted for consideration to the US Congress.

In US military budget for 2018 to contain Russia in Europe is allocated 4.6 billion dollars.

Previously, Trump called Russia and China rivals, which challenge the interests, economy and values of the country. The US mission claimed that Russia was stirring up a war in the east of Ukraine and was trying to maintain a military conflict.
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