US scientists have found a cure for cancer in dying people

Scientists at Northwestern University in the United States found that the deadly sick people suffering from Huntington's chorea, had the risk of cancer reduced by 80 percent. It turned out that the tumor cells are sensitive to the defective form of the huntingtin protein, which also causes the death of nerve cells. This is reported in a press release on MedicalXpress.

Huntington's chorea is a genetic disease of the nervous system caused by the multiplication of the codon (triplet nucleotides) CAG in the HTT gene, which encodes huntingtin. As a result, the protein has an excess of amino acid glutamine. This leads to atrophy of the striatum - a part of the brain that controls motor reactions and conditioned reflexes, and at later stages the destruction of the cerebral cortex is observed. The disease is incurable and leads to death 15-20 years after the appearance of the first symptoms.

It is shown in mice that the delivery of hantingtin to tumor tissue of the ovaries significantly slows the growth of the tumor without side effects. In this case, the cancer did not develop resistance to this type of treatment. In addition, the drug has been successfully tested on other types of malignant tumors, including the breast, prostate, liver, brain, lungs, skin and colon.
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