US was accused of concealing nuclear weapons

The White House hides facts about the state of nuclear weapons in the US, the newspaper The Washigton Post reports. A number of experts criticized the Pentagon's Nuclear Policy Review, which does not mention the development by the Americans of new weapons, such as intercontinental ballistic missiles.

The report of the Trump administration was published in early February. It says that Washington is reducing the stockpiles of nuclear weapons, while Moscow and Pyongyang are actively engaged in the development of nuclear systems and are ahead of the United States. The document is accompanied by a table that demonstrates the achievements of Russia and the Asian countries over the past eight years. "Nuclear Policy Review" establishes a new nuclear doctrine, according to which the modernization of American nuclear weapons is proposed.

The head of the information project on nuclear weapons in the Federation of American Scientists Hans Christensen told the newspaper that the United States adopted new systems in the 1990s and early 2000s. In Russia, modernization began later. Since the report takes 2010 as the starting point for the development of nuclear weapons, it allows the White House to conceal the real state of the military industry.

In addition, the table does not include some US systems that are being developed, but have not yet been adopted. These include the B-21 Raider bomber, the Columbia missile submarine cruiser, the new long-range cruise missile and the new intercontinental ballistic missile. The total cost of these programs is estimated at $ 400 billion.

At the same time, the arms of Russia and China are represented, which, in fact, are modernized versions of earlier weapons. However, some types of American weapons, whose modernization led to the creation of a new type of systems, were also not included in the list.
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