Collapse of American markets was explained by emotions

Panic sales in global stock markets are explained by the emotions of traders, says Nasdaq general director Aden Friedman. This is reported by CNBC.

As Friedman said, the good economic indicators released by US agencies in the past few weeks have created among investors a general belief that the Federal Reserve can raise the refinancing rate.

On the contrary, banking analyst Dick Bav suggested that the stock market in the US was under threat because of the development of robotic systems of exchange investments. Friedman also pointed out that all important decisions on the market are still made by people, while robots only fulfill their tasks.

The head of the IMF, Christine Lagarde, in turn, said that worry about the fall of the indices is not worth it. According to her, the decrease is an expected correction.

In the week ending February 9, the key US stock index Dow Jones collapsed immediately by 5 percent, while the Nasdaq index dropped 5.1 percent. Over the week, the Dow Jones twice fell more than 1000 points in one session. Following the US, quotes of European and Asian exchanges decreased.
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