US will give the International Space Station to businessmens

The White House plans to transfer the orbital station to the hands of entrepreneurs. According to the newspaper The Washington Post referring to NASA documents, US President Donald Trump wants to stop financing the ISS by 2025 to release funds for the resumption of flights to the moon.

The document notes that the space agency will expand partnerships with international and commercial organizations over the next seven years. This will ensure constant access to the ISS and the presence of people in the near-Earth orbit, even in the absence of funding from the federal budget.

At the same time, the idea of privatizing the ISS is even criticized by conservative politicians. So, the senator from the state of Texas Ted Cruise considers, that in this case the USA will lose almost 100 billion dollars spent for construction and operation of the ISS.

In addition, it is not yet known how the private sector is likely to be interested in the way an expensive station intended for scientific research is. Another problem for the full transformation of the ISS into a commercial project is international agreements, in which the United States participates.
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