Source of the biggest leak in the history of iPhone was disclosed

The source code for the iBoot loader was obtained from one of the ordinary Apple employees in 2016. This is reported by Motherboard with reference to its own anonymous sources.

Apple programmer initially passed the source code to five friends. In addition to iBoot, he abducted other data that had not yet been posted to the network. However, they did not plan to publish the code and only wanted to find new ways to hack the system. They note that the programmer was able to steal all the data that he had access to, some of which have not yet been published.

However, after a while, the files were placed in open access and the group lost control over the distribution of the code. "I personally never wanted this code to be released. Not out of greed, but because of fear of punishment, which necessarily follows, - says one of the sources. - Apple is really full of curious children and teenagers. I knew that one day they would show their stupidity and publish everything on GitHub."

After that the iBoot code began to spread gradually among the enthusiast community, however it did not attract special attention. In the autumn of 2017 it was laid out on Reddit, but the bot-moderator quickly deleted the files. In early 2018, these sources came to GitHub and began to actively spread across the network. The author of a series of books about the operating systems Apple Mac OS X and iOS Jonathan Levin said that this is the biggest leak in the history of the iPhone.

On Thursday, February 8, Apple confirmed the authenticity of the stolen iBoot loader code. The company said that this leak does not pose a threat to users. Despite this, lawyers acting on behalf of Apple, still demanded the removal of the sources from GitHub. They indicate that the published materials are the property of the company and they are covered by the copyright protection law.
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