US scientists have found an effective cure for cancer

Scientists of the Cancer Center in Georgetown (USA) found that a combination of drugs directed against the formation of new vessels and stimulating the immune system, can successfully fight aggressive cancer without side effects. This is reported in a press release on MedicalXpress.

It is shown that the drug axitinib blocks angiogenesis - the process of the formation of new blood vessels in the organ or tissue, which in malignant tumors proceeds very intensively. Immunomodulating agent - pembrolyzumab - is an inhibitor of control points of the immune system. Control points are specific proteins, which are used by the tumor to deceive lymphocytes and avoid its attack. Pembolizumab is approved by the FDA for the treatment of patients with several types of cancer, including melanoma, lung, bladder, head and neck cancer.

Previous attempts to create a combination drug for blocking angiogenesis and immunomodulators led to the production of excessively toxic compounds. However, the results of a clinical trial involving 52 patients with kidney cancer showed that the new remedy is more safe. More than 90 percent of patients had remission, and the time when there was no progression of the disease was 20.3 months.
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