Trump blocked the publication of a note by the Democrats on the "Russian investigation"

President of the United States Donald Trump blocked the publication of a note prepared by the legislators representing the Democratic Party concerning the likely intervention of Russia in the 2016 elections in the United States. This is reported by Reuters.

The legal adviser of President Don McGun in a letter to members of the US Congressional Intelligence Committee explained that the publication of the document is capable of affecting national security, since it contains "numerous secret and sensitive materials." At the same time, he noted that the president is inclined to promulgate the note.

Washington repeatedly accused Moscow of trying to influence the election of the American president in 2016. According to the intelligence services of the United States, Russian intelligence used two hacker groups - Fancy Bear and Cozy Bear - to break into the servers of the Democratic Party.

On February 7, US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson suggested that Russia is already trying to intervene in early elections to the US Congress.
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