India fined Google for abuse

Indian authorities fined the US Internet giant Google for $ 21 million for abuse of the dominant position in the online search segment. About it on Friday, February 9, reports The Financial Times.

The Commission for the Protection of Competition of India (CCI) believes that Google deliberately distorted the search, which harms both the company's competitors and users. The Google search engine in India ranked the queries so that the attendance of Google Flight's own service increased, CCI recorded.

In June 2017, the European Commission decided to fine the corporation Google by 2.4 billion euros for abuse of the dominant position in the search market on the Internet.

In March, the Federal Court of Chicago ruled that the Google search engine violates the privacy of millions of network users by collecting and storing their biometric data. The court ruled that now for every use of private photographs without the consent of users, the corporation will pay a fine of one to five thousand dollars.
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