Billionaire Soros wanted to stop Brexit for 500 thousand dollars

Billionaire George Soros spent 400 thousand pounds sterling (about 500 thousand dollars) on the campaign to preserve the UK in the EU. This is written by The Guardian.

The newspaper learned that the businessman supports the organization Best for Britain. It received more than 400 thousand pounds from the date of parliamentary elections held in June last year. The organization is led by former minister Lord Malloch-Brown and Gina Miller, who sued for initiating an exit from the EU.

In this case, The Guardian notes that only during the "black Wednesday" in 1992, when Soros managed to collapse the rate of the British currency, the businessman earned about a billion dollars.

The referendum on the withdrawal of Britain from the European Union was held on June 23, 2016. The majority of voters decided to support the idea of the country's withdrawal from the EU.
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