Mathematicians predicted eternal instability for bitcoin

Crypto currency exchange rates are probably never stabilized, according to mathematicians from the University of Pittsburgh, USA. According to Bloomberg, the scientists tried to determine the value of bitcoin using mathematical models, and concluded that the crypto-currency market is a classic "soap bubble".

In their opinion, an asset such as bitcoin does not have value, which can be measured by traditional methods. Its value is determined by buyers, who are often guided by the wrong opinion.

As scientists believe, bitcoin can be "just a mechanism for transferring monetary assets." Details of the study Bloomberg does not.

Bitcoin fell to 6,000 dollars on February 6, the last time it reached the level of crypto currency in November 2017; On February 7, the rate began to grow. By 06:50 London time on February 8, one bitcoin cost 7,900 dollars.

Reuters called the last week of January the worst for bitcoin since April 2013: from January 29 to February 2, it lost 30 percent of the cost.

In early 2017, the most famous crypto currency for the first time since 2013 reached thousands of dollars, by December the cost of bitcoin had risen to a historic high of almost 20 thousand dollars.
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