Experts found out the words used during depression

Experts have found out which words are most often used by people suffering from depression. The results of the study reported by the The Independent.

In the course of the experiment, with the help of big data technology, thousands of messages on forums, social media posts and online diaries belonging to users with diagnosed depression were analyzed. The most common words, as well as lexical variety, length of sentences, typical grammatical constructions and other parameters were evaluated.

It turned out that patients with depression prefer adjectives and adverbs associated with negative emotions, such as "lonely," "sad," and "pathetic." Most often they use the pronouns "I" and "me" and much less often the second and third person pronouns. According to the researchers, this is a sure sign of depression, as the patients become isolated on their own experiences and lose touch with the world.

Researchers also met in the studied material an abundance of categorical judgments such as "always", "nothing" and "absolutely". Scientists explain this by the fact that people with depression and anxious disorder people see the world without halftones. Most often these words are used by potential suicides.

Scientists hope that the results of the study can be used to teach computers to identify depressed people and classify them on the problems: whether low self-esteem, excessive perfectionism or increased anxiety. So they plan to find potential suicides.

According to WHO estimates, about 300 million people worldwide suffer from depression.
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